Unlock your leadership potential with FEED Consulting

FEED Consulting is your go-to partner for unlocking your leadership potential. Our team specialises in leadership development and consulting, offering a range of services including online leadership programs, workshops, executive coaching, mentoring, Gen Z leadership development, and sports leadership development.
Consult. We deep dive into your business, understanding your challenges, and goals.
Diagnose. We work with you to identify the best learning and development solution that will have the desired impact, conscious of timescales and budget.
Partner. Working with you and your talent, we deliver programmes appropriate to you, whether in person, via our CLA Platform, or through workshops and events.
Every organisation is different, every challenge unique and every budget precious. Contact us today to take your leadership journey to the next level.

Transformative Leadership Programmes

Our transformative Leadership Programmes aim to create lasting behavioural and cultural shifts that drive tangible and measurable improvements in individual, team, and overall business performance. Our CLA Digital online course has been accredited and approved by The Institute of Leadership (IOL). With a unique blend of real-world experience, positive psychology, neuroscience, and organisational behaviour, our tailored programmes empower individuals to enhance their personal and professional development while helping organisations achieve success through improved capability, collaboration, teamwork, and enhanced staff engagement.

Leadership Development & Coaching Solutions

FEED provides executive coaching and mentoring designed to support senior and future leaders understand their leadership skills and achieve their goals. Our approach, is tailored to you, and can be combined with accredited qualifications from The Institute of Leadership, empowering individuals to unlock their potential, enhance performance, and reach new heights in their business or career.

Gen Z Leadership Development

With experience across sectors and regions FEED understands the challenges companies face in attracting and retaining top talent, particularly among the tech-savvy Gen Z demographic. Our range of tailored leadership development programs and coaching services are designed to enhance the leadership and human skills of Gen Z professionals, helping them excel in and outside of the workplace. Investing in young talents development means businesses can benefit from increased employee engagement, team performance, succession planning and positive workplace culture. It is an investment in the foundations of a business, ultimately fostering growth and success in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our highly relevant and inspiring leadership development programs for Gen Z and Millennial talent.

Sports Leadership Development

FEED Consulting, is passionate about helping players, coaches and teams develop knowledge and skills that build trust, confidence and collective success. Through our training and coaching services, we have supported teams like Wimbledon Hockey Club, and are dedicated to unlocking the potential of other teams and organisations by delivering engaging, age-relevant and role relevant workshops, understanding team dynamics and human skills needed to be more effective on and off the pitch. Contact us today to inspire greater trust, commitment, and enhanced performance with our compassionate leadership approach.